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Talk About Assessment Title

Effective assessment is the key to student learning. This concept is at the centre of Talk About Assesment, a comprehensive resource that speaks directly to the classroom teacher.

The text resource is divided into two sections. In the first section, author Damian Cooper explores the best practices in assessment. An accompanying DVD brings these best practices to life in a series of 10 powerful video clips that feature teachers and their students in real situations.

The second section of Talk About Assessment features dozens of customizable and reproducible tools that teachers can use immediately in their classroom. These tools - planning templates, rample units, rubrics, and checklists - link directly to the best practices identified in the first section of the book.

For quick and easy classroom use, these tools are also included on an accompanying CD-ROM and a comprehensive web site, which includes video clips, student samples, and recommended reading.

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Talk About Assessment Title

Talk About Assesment does not shy away from confronting the vexing issues of assessment and grading at the secondary level. Indeed, Cooper unearths virtually every salient challenge that a secondary teacher is likely to encounter." - Jay McTighe

Assessment that guides instruction is the key to effective student learning. This concept is at the centre of Talk About Assessment, a comprehensive resource that speaks directly to the high school classroom teacher.

The text resource is divided into five sections.

Section 1 presents the eight Big Ideas of assessment and describes the challenges faced by today's high school educators.
Section 2 explains the improtance of planning assessment and instruction with the end in mind.
Section 3 is focused on assessment for learning - assessment that promotes and supports student learning.
Section 4 addresses grading challenges and provides strategies and tools for recording and communicating information about student learning.
Section 5 speaks about strategies for inplementing change in assessment practice - strategies for teachers, school administrators, and district staff.

The accompanying DVD-ROM includes tools referred to in thetext (as well as rubrics, checklists, unit-planning templates, and sample leanings) in modifiable format for quick and easy classroom use. The DVD also includes ten video clips featuring teachers and students actively engaged in planning, learning, and assessment.

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The Eight Big Ideas

  1. Assessment serves different purposes at different times

  2. Assessment must be planned and purposeful

  3. Assessment must be balanced and flexible

  4. Assessment and instruction are inseparable

  5. For assessment to be helpful to students, it must inform them in words, not just numerical scores or letter grades

  6. Assessment is a collaborative process

  7. Performance standards are an essential component of effective assessment

  8. Grading and reporting student achievement is a caring, sensitive process


Here's what people are saying about Talk About Assessment

  • "Weíve received a copy of your new book! WOW! Itís fantastic! I also want to thank you for all your help, support and input youíve put into my teaching and assessment practices. This school year has been the absolute best ever. I am organized (in thought and planning), excited, and want to be at school. Iíve been using the idea of backward planning and have been able to stay on top of planning, where Iím going and how to get my students where I know they can be. They are engaged, excited and we are able to accomplish so much, each at their own level. I must thank you for that. Thanks again for sparking in me the love for teaching and the importance of the studentsí role in their learning. Your message was heard, loud and clear."
    (Jackie Fenez, North West Catholic District School Board)

  • "Damianís resource should be mandatory in courses in faculties of education."

  • "Talk About Assessment is awesome!"

  • "As an area resource teacher, this book really speaks to the needs of the identified student, their IEP, and appropriate performance tasks and assessment."

  • "Every teacher needs a copy of this resource."