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Here is a sampling of what teachers and administrators have said after attending a session with Damian:

  • "Phenomenal speaker. Motivating. Giving food for thought. There is need for all of us to reflect on our assessment practices"

  • "I attended both of your sessions at the Edmonton Teacher's Convention just passed. As a teacher returning to the 'force' after staying home with my children over the last eight years, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am to have heard your concise, clear and immediately helpful thoughts/findings... Thanks again for setting my course straight. Off I go to design my 'bump it up' wall, and replan my Science unit so that they're doing just as much, if not more, exploratory work as I am."

  • "Passionate delivery. How not to make it more work for teachers."

  • "Comes from a real and practical place-speaks in accessible terms. Love the analogies."

  • "Terrific level of enthusiasm."

  • "A most enjoyable day! Damian is a very motivational, passionate speaker who has inspired me to implement better assessment proctices in my daily teaching."

  • "It made assessment seem less terrifying and more do-able."

  • "Dynamic presentation with lots of useful examples and comparisons. Wow!"

  • "Identifying some of the things we already know in a new context that leaves us no choice but to take action! Thanks!"

  • "The message delivered was fantastic! but it needs to be delivered to ALL teachers. Damian's approach to delivery was effective & powerful & would benefit ALL teachers - maybe a closure for all schools for all teachers must attend."

  • "So many good practical ideas."

  • "Powerful analogies and metaphors. Sense of urgency and belief that we can do this and why."

  • "It was all information I had heard before but the enthusiasm with which it was presented made me passionate for the material all over again. Thank you!"

  • "I was totally engaged throughout the whole day - a rarity for me when I am in the audience."

  • "I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for delivering the best PD session I have yet to experience in my career. Your knowledge, passion and motivation has truly inspired me to keep moving in the direction of formative assessment. We just had our District School Review and are using bump it up walls and the timing of your presentation was perfect to help move our staff and school forward...
    You are an amazing presenter, thank you for teaching me so much."